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Baby's 1st Birthday Photography Ideas

The first birthday of the little baby is a very special day. It is a monumental moment, not only in the kid’s life but in the parents life as well. Shooting this big event and memorizing these moments for a beautiful photo album can be very meaningful. Here are some ideas for baby's 1st birthday photography.

Camera Settings
Most parents will choose to shoot indoors, so please make sure your ISO setting is at least 400-800. Try not to be higher, otherwise the image may become too rough. When the child moves quickly and accidentally, be sure to use a shutter speed of at least 1/125 second to keep the image clear. The flash can be used to illuminate the child's face, but be careful of overuse. Some flash images look rough, unnatural or overexposed.

Theme and Decoration
Before shooting, you need to confirm the theme the parents want, such as cute, funny, humorous, warm, or beautiful. According to the shooting theme, use some props and decorations such as banners, backdrops, tissue paper puffs, balloons and chairs. Photography backdrop is a good choice. It not only creates adorable shooting background, but also can be used as a beautiful decoration.

Beautiful Outfits
Typically for this type of session we get through 2-3 different set-ups/outfits. Dressing your tot up can make for adorable first birthday photos. Who can deny the cute factor of little guys donning bow ties and suspenders? Little ladies dressed up in twirly tutus and long strands of pearls are sugar and spice and everything nice! Have a few outfit ideas? Bring them along, as you may have time to change.

Shooting Angle
When photographing child’s birthday, lower your angle to the same level as them, so that you can capture their expressions face to face. It’s also great to photograph the whole cake from above, or to capture the smiling face surrounded by gifts, but remember not to make the background too cluttered.

Cake Smash
If you are considering more creative photos, cake samsh is a good idea. Ask parents to prepare a cake, which not only allows them to choose their favorite design and color, but also to ensure the safety of the baby, because some babies may be allergic to some ingredients. Pink, white, yellow and light green photograph well, and match with most backdrops. Avoid chocolate, red and blue –the first two don't look good when wet and the last is tough to clean.

The 1st birthday is a moment that considered as a milestone for the little ones. The transition from newborn to a one-year-old little kid is so exciting for parents. So get ready, take out your camera and take some cute pictures for the baby to memorize the moment.

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