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What Makes a Good Headshot: Choose a Right Backdrop

When it comes to headshot photography, the most frequently asked question is “What backgrounds work best for headshots?” The answer is, it depends. Here are some backdrop choices for a good headshot.

White Backdrop
A solid white background is popular for headshot. White backdrop creates a simple background without distraction behind your subject. When you’re photographing headshots with a white backdrop, make sure your subject wears dark clothing. This will create a contrast between your subject and the background.

Black Backdrop
Black backgrounds are not as common as white backgrounds. But black backdrop can make the subjects stand out. If you pursue unique and artistic heatshot, black ground is an ideal choice. When using a black background, be sure to have enough light to illuminate the subject’s face.

Grey Backdrop
Grey is a neutral color, giving people a feeling of moderation, ordinary, gentle, modest, neutral, and elegant. A grey headshot background is the perfect middle-ground between white and black. Dark grey backdrop creates a dramatic look whereas light grey can be more lively for headshot.

Blue Backdrop
Blue backgrounds give people a sense of calm and rationality. It is common to use blue backdrops for official ID photo shooting. Pale blue is a very fresh and clean looking backdrop, and it would be perfect for corporate worker headshot.

Abstract Backdrop
Abstract textured backdrops are popular with portrait photography. As for headshot, abstract background also works well. Abstract backdrops have simple colors and will not make the background too busy. Artistic design will make headshot photos more unique.

No matter what type of backdrops are used for headshot, just keep in mind that above all the background needs to not distract from your subject.

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