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2 Cheapest Ways to Hang Backdrops Without Using Stand

How to hang your backdrop without using a stand is a problem that many photographers will encounter. In this video, kelechi mgbemena shared two cheapest way to hang your backdrops.

Use Pins or Wall Hooks to Hang Backdrop
The first way is quite simple and inexpensive by using pins or wall hooks. If you have wooden wall so you can definitely use those top pins to hang your backdrops. But if it’s concrete wall, hooks will work better. Just paste the hook on the wall for a couple of seconds and let it adhere to the wall. According to the size of your backdrop, you can stick four hooks on the wall, one each on the top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right. This will make the backdrop fixed more firmly and not easy to wrinkle. Make a really tiny hole on the edges of backdrop, and then hang it do the hooks easily. If you need various backdrops for shooting and don't have enough space, you can hang all of the backdrops you want to work with, so that you can just keep changing the backdrops depending on what you want. Just come over here hang it over and then hang it down. This way to hang backdrops is very convenient with little budget, suitable for beginners.

Drape the Backdrop Over a Curtain Pipe
The second option is to drape the backdrop over a pipe, rod, or beam. Some backdrops have hole design on the top in order to put the the pipe or the rack into it. If you have a window behind you, just hang your backdrop over a curtain rod. This method is very easy to operate, and there will be no additional cost. It doesn't take up space, literally on the wall, no need for tripod stands and get it as straight. Sometimes it’s a bit bright outside and the backdrop fabric is so thin, the lights come through the backdrops. At this moment, you can hang a black backdrop behind the one you will work with. Of course, after inserting the pole into the backdrop pole pocket, you can clamp one end of the backdrop to the pole, pull the top of the backdrop tight and clamp the other end of the backdrop. In this way, the backdrop will be fixed well and more straight.

These two methods to hang backdrops are easy and do not require any budget. If you do not have a backdrop stand, try the mentioned two solutions. The cheapest way to hang backdrops, start to equip your own studio.

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