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Some Basic Knowledge of Photography Backdrops

A backdrop is a large piece of cloth, sometimes with scenery painted on it, that is hung at the back of a studio for photography or at a stage while a play is performed.

In photography, backdrop is usually used for indoor photography. As a photographic prop, it can create different scenes to make photos more artistic. Different kinds of backdrops can also adjust the light of photography. It also helps to adjust the atmosphere of the photography spot. For some specific themed photography, the background cloth plays a great role, such as festivals, birthdays and other important days.

There are various materials for the backdrops, such as Poly Paper, Vinyl, Canvas, Polyester Fabric, Muslin Fabric, Cotton Cloth and so on. You can choose the most suitable background cloth according to the pros and cons of each material and the needs of the application scene.

When choosing the size, you need to consider some factors, including the size of the studio and the size of the photographed subject. Generally speaking, photography for 1-2 people=5ft wide, 2-4 people=6ft-8ft wide, 4+ people=8ft-10ft wide, extra large groups=20ft, big event=custom bigger wide. Please refer to the Size Chart or Backdrop Size Options for details.

Different types backdrops are used for different photography.
Classified by pattern: Abstract Textured Backdrops, Solid Color Backdrops, Marble Backdrops, Sequin Fabric, Brick Wall Backdrops, Wood Backdrops, etc.
Classified by feature: Bokeh Backdrop, Chevron & Stripe Backdrop, Red Carpet & Stage Backdrop, Religions Backdrop, Headboard Backdrop, etc.
Classified by festivals: Halloween Backdrops, Christmas Backdrops, Valentine' Day Backdrops, Easter Backdrops, Fathers Day & Mothers Day backdrops, etc.
Classified by applicable people & scenes: Newborn & Children Backdrop, Birthday Backdrops, Baby Shower Backdrops, Wedding Backdrops, etc.
Of course, there are Custom Backdrops to meet your more needs.

Most backdrops are designed with pocket on the top of for hanging. So you can use wall hooks to hang a backdrop. This solution is suitable for smaller and lighter backdrops. For more convenient and firm hanging, you can use a backdrop stand.

Generally speaking, backdrops are washable, especially the muslin fabric backdrops. You can iron them with low temperature or throw them in the washer and dryer to get rid of creases. Cleaning is easy! These backdrops can be folded for storing in cabinet, or hung on a stand.

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