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10 Tips for Photography: Be a Professional Photographer

The instant exposures capture thousands of beautiful things. Recording the beautiful moments and unforgettable memories with the camera is what many people wish. To take beautiful and high-quality photos, you need to master some shooting skills.

Here are 10 tips for photography.

1. How to Avoid Underexposure
Underexposure is a problem that photographers often encounter when taking pictures. The best solution is to use the camera's exposure compensation function. As long as the exposure compensation function is increased by one or two levels, generally the dark situation will be improved.

2. How to Avoid Glare
When you shoot the sun directly, there will be glare in the lens, the contrast of the picture will be seriously out of adjustment, and the produced incident light will be reflected by the lens surface to the CCD to form a line of light spots. A high-quality hood is helpful to limit glare, and smallest aperture can reduce these spots.

3. How to Make Lights Produce Star-like Effects
Star-like effects during photography look beautiful. If you want to make the light produce the star-like effects, you need to use a small aperture for exposure. The smaller the aperture, the more obvious the effect.

4. How to Optimize Image Quality
There are PEG and RAW image formats for digital SLR cameras. The RAW format is good for post-production. In addition, the RAW format will not be automatically adjusted by the camera, so the image quality will be better. Photographers can also adjust the details o photos by setting saturation, contrast, sharpness, etc. to make the image quality better.

5. How to Focus on Small Objects in the Distance
When the object to be photographed is far away and you cannot put your hand over it, especially the object is small, focusing is a little bit difficult. In this situation, you can use the object at the same distance as the object to shoot to achieve forced focus.

6. How to Pan
Set the camera to shutter priority mode, and then use a slower shutter speed. The camera must closely follow the subject and move with its movement to achieve the effect of clear subject and blurred background. The continuous shooting mode is more conducive to capturing clearer photos.

7. How to Make Photos Clearer
The most important thing is to prevent vibration. You can mount the camera on a tripod. Secondly, you can shorten the shutter time. Don't pursue a small aperture too much. The better way is to use a short-time shutter and a tripod. Understand the characteristics of the lens and pay attention to the relationship between the background and the subject. If you want to make the subject appear particularly clear in the picture, it is very effective to choose a high contrast background.

8. How to Shoot with Weak Light
Rationalize the collocation of aperture and ISO, maintain stable long-term exposure, use environmental test shooting ×3 and use RAW format. No need to follow a fixed aperture, shutter, and ISO settings, you can try new shooting ways and use different light to create better works.

9. How to Use Continuous Shooting to Capture Wonderful Pictures
Minimize the shutter delay time and choose the right photo size. If the ambient light is low, you should use manual functions to shoot, such as shutter, aperture priority mode or full manual mode, etc., manually adjust the shutter speed, aperture size, exposure compensation, etc.; you can also use a tripod or manual flash and other auxiliary equipment, the shooting effect will be better.

10. How to Deal With Background in People Photography
Choose the scene that echoes the character as the background; adjust the distance between the character and the background; achieve different background effects via different light; use different colors to make the character and the background form a sharp contrast; use aperture and long focal length lens to adjust the proportion of people in the image; shooting from different shooting angles to highlight the people.

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