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Cheapest & Easiest Way to Build a Home Photography Studio

Many photographers dream of having their own studio, but it seems to be a challenging project. Yet the good news is that setting up your own studio at home does not have to cost much. The following is the cheapest and easiest way to build a home photography studio.

Basic Equipment that You Need

1. Camera

2. Light

3. Light stand

4. Softbox or umbrella

5. Backdrop

6. Backdrop stand

7. Clamps and clips

8. Tripod

Steps to Build a Home Studio

1. DIY a Backdrop Stand
Backdrop stands are used to hang your backgrounds. If you have a backdrop stand, you can have any background to take beautiful pictures. If not, then DIY your own backdrop stand. What you need are two tripods and a wooden slat. Drill a hole at each end of the wooden slat, and then connect it with two tripods to act as a beam, as shown in the video. A backdrop stand is finished.

2. Choose a Suitable Place
According to your own preferences, choose a suitable location at home as a
studio place. The living room is the most ideal choice since it’s relatively spacious. You can also make some arrangements, such as laying a carpet, so that the subjects can sit or lie down to take pictures.

3. Prepare Essential Lighting Equipment
When it comes to lighting, you can choose between either natural or artificial light sources. If there is windows in the space you’ve chosen for your studio, natural light is the cheapest, simplest, and, often, best light source available. On the other hand, if you prefer to shoot with artificial lighting, you will need to prepare essential lighting equipment, an umbrella and a reflector are a must if you are looking forward to build photo studio at home.

4. Use Photography Backdrops
Backdrops will give your at-home studio a very professional look. If you’re trying to lean towards the simple side of things, go with neutral colored backdrops. If you get bored, you can purchase some colorful backdrops. Abstract backdrops are perfect for portrait photography. Then hang the backdrop on the DIY stand, and use clamps to fix it.

5. Let Family Members Be the Subjects
Family members are the best photography models. Take pictures for them with your camera and record the happy moments of the family. This is the benefit and convenience of a home studio.

Follow these guides, you will find how easy it is to create your own home photography studio. When it comes to putting together your own photographic studio, creativity beats budget any time.

Backdrops used:

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Hope you enjoy this video and like this article, and get some inspirations to make your own home photography studio.

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