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Choose the Best Backdrop for Product Photography

Most photographers know that to take good product photos is nothing more than the following basic rules: use a tripod, adjust the camera's aperture to the maximum, create the background out of focus effect, etc. Choosing the right background is also one of the most important parts of product photography. I’ve wrote in my previous blog about backdrop basics. A good backdrop can make the product look more attractive. So what kind of backdrop is most suitable for product shooting. Here are some choices for product photography backdrops.

Solid Color Backdrops
A busy background with a lot of elements is not suitable for a product image. Solid color backdrop is an ideal choice for most product photography. Single color is not easy to distract attention from the product, and it is also conducive to the photos post-processing without too much background deletion. In the choice of solid colors, white and black are the most commonly used. Of course, if you want to show the vividness of the product, bright backdrop is also a good choice. It still depends on the product to be shot.

Abstract Textured Backdrops
Abstract textured backdrops are very popular among portrait photography. Similarly, they are also very suitable for product photography since this kind of backdrops feature relatively colors simple and can create an artistic sense. If you are going to photograph products such as furniture and tableware, abstract textured backdrop is a great choice. Using different lighting techniques, you can significantly alter the way abstract textured backdrop looks in the photo, giving the product more artistic feel.

Marble Backdrops
For those who may not want a plain background, yet want to remain on the basic side, simple and elegant textures such as marble texture backdrops are perfect background for product photography, such as cosmetics. With strong color fidelity, artistic effect and stereo sense, marble backdrops make your product photo more awesome and full of art. If you like elegant classic, black marble backdrops will be an ideal choice, while white marble backdrops make scene harmonious, especially if you shoot products of bright color.

Bokeh Backdrops
In photography, bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in out-of-focus parts of an image. If you like such an effect and want to use it as a product photo backdrop, so bokeh backdrops are good for you. These backdrops look like twinkle stars with glittering design, ideal for any photography where you want to add some sparkling color, especially suitable for jewelry and perfume product photography.

Wood Backdrops
Wood backdrops feature realistic design and look like floor. A wood backdrop gives you retro mood, products shot against such a background look very pleasant, while the entire picture acquires homey mood. They are suitable for household products photography. On the other hand, wood backdrops can also be used as a floor mat for photography, cost-effective and multipurpose.

Brick Wall Backdrops
Brick wall is simple and natural, so that brick backdrop is an ideal product shooting background for various items, especially when you want to ensure that the product in the photo is real and natural. There are no distracting elements, no matter what color the product is, such backdrop will only add the beauty of the subject being photographed.

Camera equipment, lighting and backdrop choice are the three key elements to create product photography that stands out from the rest. Choose a suitable backdrop to make the product you shoot more attractive.

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