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Clean and Maintain Guide to Photography Backdrops

Backdrop is an important part of studio photography, but when it comes to keeping them clean, removing the wrinkles, storing the backdrop, etc., things get a little tricky. Here are some easy tips to help you clean and maintain your backdrops well.

Wash The Backdrop
Wash the backdrop according to the care instructions, some backdrops would require hand wash while others can be machine-washed. Use a gentle kind of detergent and lukewarm or cold water. Regular clean is important indeed, but excessive clean will degrade the quality of your backdrop.

Clean Dirt Or Stains
In the event the muslin backdrops happens to have stains or is dirt, try to use a damp sponge with mild soap and warm water to get rid of it. Do not use bleach or harsh detergents, otherwise the backdrop may be damaged. If the stain persists, try soaking the backdrop in a solution of warm water and mild soap.

Remove Dust And Hair
Sometimes backdrops may attract hair and dust. The best way to remove dust is by simply shaking the fabric. Hair lint can be removed by using a hand held vacuum or a large lint roller.

Get Rid Of Wrinkles
The best way to get rid of the wrinkles on a backdrop is by hanging it up, spraying the fabric evenly with a spray bottle of water and letting gravity iron out the wrinkles. If you need to use it right away, use a hand-held steamer. It removes wrinkles easily and quickly. Just be sure to not rub the muslin with the steam head. Avoid using an iron to remove creases, since it may damage the fabric. If necessary, use an iron with low temperature.

Air Dry The Backdrop
After cleaning the backdrop or removing the wrinkles, it is better to hang the backdrop up and allow it to air dry naturally. This will help dry the backdrop evenly and remove the remaining wrinkles. Some types of fabric backdrops can be dried by a dryer. Please follow the care instructions and remember to set the dryer on low heat.

Store The Backdrop
The simplest way to store backdrops is to fold them and then place them into carry bag for storage. But folding these backdrops can cause creasing and even wrinkles. Someone also store them draped on the photo stand itself. This however takes up a lot of studio space and not always practical. The best way is hang them up on a stand. You can use clothes hangers, this method can reduce creases.

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