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21 Best Family Photo Poses: Make Family Portrait Shoot Easy

Family photo is a great way to record beautiful moments with the people you love. During a photo session, family portrait poses are very important. To make your family photography work easier, here’s a list of 21 best family photo poses.

1. A family can run forward naturally from a distance, and jump together when they are close, so the photos taken convey a happy feeling.

2. Choose one person to stand in the front, and then the others poke their heads out from the side.

3. Everyone is standing, such group photo is quite imposing, let the protagonist stand a little forward in the middle.

4. Stand according to the height, with 2 people in the front, 4 people in the middle, and 3 people in the back, such posing not only allows everyone to show up, but also has a sense of hierarchy.

5. This kind of posture is very natural and ordinary, but it is easy to achieve affectionate effect.

6. Choose a large aperture and focus on the closest one at the same time to get a shallow depth of field effect. People farther away are blurred, but it will be interesting to shoot.

7. Full-body shooting, pay attention to the postures corresponding to each other, and ensure that all people show up when shooting.

8. Leaning one by one, the overall sense of engagement will be very strong, creating a very happy atmosphere.

9. Lie down in a circle and take photos with head-to-head. It is more suitable to take pictures on outdoor grass.

10. Use the upside-down shooting position, all people are close together, the heads should be gathered a little more, all people look at the camera.

11. If possible, take group photos at a high angle on the roof, terrace, etc., the photos will be more attractive.

12. Adopt a staggered posture to create a warm feeling.

13. This shooting posture is suitable for outdoor grass or on your own bed, and it will be very lively and festive if you have many children.

14. A family lie on their stomachs on the ground while propping up their upper body with both hands. It is better to shoot at a low angle.

15. Sit on the sofa to take pictures together. This pose is very intimate, especially suitable for a family of three.

16. Sit on the sofa to take pictures in the same way, but this time we take pictures from the back of the sofa.

17. This pose is also suitable for taking photos outdoors. Keep your eyes level when shooting.

18. It is the basic family photo pose. The family is sitting or leaning on the sofa, try to focus on the person, and reduce the appearance of other furniture.

19. With this pose, the biggest advantage is that no matter how many family members are, the family photo can be shot well.

20. Take a group photo with parents carrying their kids, this will be another intimate shooting position. Children love it.

21. Let a family walk hand in hand, start continuous shooting.

Hope these posing ideas can help you take memorable family photos and record your beautiful memory that lasts for years and years.

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