Amazing Ideas for 2022 Christmas Family Photo Shoot

Amazing Ideas for 2022 Christmas Family Photo Shoot

Christmas is a special time of year. With the 2021 Christmas right around the corner, this is the perfect time to schedule your family photo session. Here are a few amazing ideas to help you take memorable Christmas family photos.

Idea number one: enjoy the moment with Santa

Taking a picture with Santa Claus during the holiday season is a tradition enjoyed by people, especially for children. There is nothing more meaningful than that Dad dresses up as Santa to take funny pictures with kids. Would you like to see the kids laughing in surprise? Then try this amazing shooting idea.

Idea number two: well-arranged Christmas scene

A crucial part of family Christmas pictures is the setting and the decor. Holiday themed decorations will help set the scene for the photoshoot. Christmas tree, twinkle lights and soft burning candles keep the room aglow. It is a must-have to gather the whole family together and take a family photo in your well-arranged Christmas scene.


Idea number three: family baking

If baking is a part of your family’s tradition, try to take a set of kitchen-style photos for kids. Cover their faces with flour, put chef hats or Christmas hats on each of them, and let them have fun. And add some festive details, such as a string of colored lights far enough in the background to create a bokeh, and other small details, such as pine branches and Christmas-themed dishes.

Christmas Kitchen Backdrop White Wall for Photography

 Idea number four: Christmas presents

Everyone knows that Christmas is all about presents. Or at least, that‚Äôs what kids know‚ÄĒ Anyway, surrounding your children in kinds of Christmas gift box is a fun exercise. Tell your children that there are surprises in front of the Christmas tree. When they picked up the gift boxes and smiled at each other happily, documenting this scene with your camera.


Idea number five: bokeh background

Bokeh is cool. It is that beautiful orb-like quality that bright points of light take on when you place them in the background and shoot with a wide aperture. To capture bokeh, all you really need is a string of holiday lights. Place them in the background and shoot with a wide aperture. There will be some sparkling dots in the background of your photo, adding to Christmas atmosphere.

Christmas Interior Decorating Warm Candle Light Backdrop for Photography


Christmas photoshoots are all about bringing your loved ones together and celebrating the holidays. Remember to center around a concept and theme that suits your family’s personality. The most important thing for Christmas family photos is to have fun.

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