Father's Day Photography Ideas: Capture Dad-Kids Moments at Home

Father's Day Photography Ideas: Capture Dad-Kids Moments at Home

Father’s Day is quickly approaching. It’s the perfect time to capture dad-kids photo. How to take some heart-warming photos at home on such a big day? Here are some ideas.

1. Shooting Location Selection
When taking photos at home, the location of the shot is very important. The best place to take portraits in your home is the window.
The reason is that the basic environment around the window is less cluttered, and the people's attention is not easily distracted. The quality of the photos taken in this environment will be better.
Secondly, the window has the best light conditions for photography, and the light source of the window forms a large area of good quality soft light when there is no direct sunlight, which is conducive to shooting.

2. Try Black And White Photography
This form of black and white photography can make our photos more textured. When shooting black and white photography, it's better to shot at a position like window, because the level of light will make the photo more rich in tone and sharper contrast, making the colorless black and white photos more appealing and with a touch of retro.

3. Recording Warm Moments Among Dad And Kids
Sometimes people will guide the subject's gestures and emotions when shooting, by that way, the pictures taken are often not perfect.
We can capture warm dad-child moments and record some tender moments of interaction. In this process, the life we recorded is original, and when such pictures are recalled in the future, they will have a particularly cordial and touching feeling of presence.

4. Exposure Compensation When Shooting Against The Light
Window shooting at home is a kind of backlight shooting, you need to pay attention to exposure compensation. For backlight shooting, we need to keep the backlit surface of the character at normal exposure, that is, the face of the character should be exposed normally. But under backlight conditions, we often find that the people we shoot are always black. During this process, the camera's exposure compensation should be increased by one to two levels until the person's face is properly exposed.

There are many gift ideas for Father’s Day but only one that will never fade with time. A gift of that wonderful moment through photos. Taking some photos at home is so easy and convenient, just capture those perfect moments.

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