Guide to Take DIY Children Christmas Photos at Home

Guide to Take DIY Children Christmas Photos at Home

Christmas is just around the corner! It is the perfect time to capture some of the most adorable moments of your little kid's childhood. Nothing will get you in the holiday spirit more than an adorable child in a Christmas stocking.

In this post, I’m going to take about how to easily take the perfect children Christmas photos at home.

Camera Equipment

If you want to take truly professional photos, you can use a camera. But don’t feel that you have to buy a new camera to take great photos. The smartphone is sufficient for this job. Today, most smartphones are equipped with high-quality cameras.

The only other equipment you may need is a tripod. A tripod is perfect to take good photos. It can help keep the camera stable so that the photos taken will not be easily blurred.

Shooting Location

When you are planning to take Christmas photos for your children, it is best to think about where you want to take pictures. Do you want to take pictures in front of the Christmas tree? Or leaning against a blank wall of some props?

No matter where you decide to take the photos, make sure there is enough natural light and in the right place. Generally, do not shoot directly at a window or natural light source. Doing so will cause your photos to be overexposed. Try to shoot from an angle with the light source behind you as much as possible.

Costumes and Props

Costumes and props are important elements that add to the Christmas atmosphere. There are many lovely choices for Christmas photo costumes. Cute Christmas pajamas, fancy Christmas dresses, bow ties and suspenders, ballerinas, plush hats and gloves, plaid shirts, Christmas sweaters, really make you feel everything about the holiday. Christmas trees, Christmas stockings, garlands, bells, candy canes, gift boxes, and even a string of simple white Christmas lights are all very good props.


Right Background

If you don’t hope just use a simple white wall as a background, but want to make your photos more interesting, a Christmas backdrop is a good choice. Choose a backdrop that matches the festival style of the overall decoration, hang it on the wall, and add some decorations, such as garlands, Christmas lights, snowflakes and other gadgets. Spread a soft blanket on the ground, then a small home photography studio is completed. The photos taken in this situation are also more of festival touch.

Take Lots of Photos

Now that we are ready, let's start taking photos for children. The real key to getting high-quality photos is to take a lot of photos. The purpose is to ensure that you can actually take a few good photos. Children often move and it is difficult to get clear and focused photos. Don’t focus on posing your kids. Instead, let them interact with props and catch them enjoying themselves. Often these candid pictures are far better than stiff and posed photos.


Christmas is family gathering time. Without some photos for reminiscing sake, Christmas is never really complete. Having some lovely children photos taken has got to be the highlight of Christmas.


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