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Helpful Props for Food Photography

Food is a great subject for still life photography, and you can achieve incredible artistic effects. But great food photography means more than just snapping what’s on your dinner plate. Props also plays an essential rule in creating awesome photos. In this article, you’ll discover some helpful props for taking beautiful and tempting food photos.

Rustic Cutting Board
Cutting boards can increase the depth, shape and character of the photo. If you use a white background and white ceramics, the cutting board is also great. There is a color contrast that makes the composition of the photo more coordinated.

Right Background
When you shoot a food photo, the background is very important. If the background is too messy or colorful, the viewer’s attention will be drawn away from the food. There are many objects that you can use as your background. Photography backdrops are helpful. Solid color backdrops tend to work best, but bright colors can work well with some foods. A subtle pattern, such as the vintage floral print, can also look good sometimes.

Plants and Flowers
Plants and flowers can add life to photos and make photos look more vivid. Plants and flowers not only smell good when shooting, but they also look beautiful in photos. In addition, this can also help you learn how to photograph other things on food.

Small Bottles and Glasses
Bottles of different sizes, clear glasses and light-toned wine glasses are very suitable as props for food photography. Transparent objects will give people a sense of clarity and realism. For example, when you look at a photo of coffee and iced coffee, you will be naturally attracted to iced coffee because it is usually a transparent glass.

A Book or Teacup
Photography is a great way to tell stories without using words. By adding more elements to your food photos, you can create interesting stories that draw the viewer into your image. Think about what kind of objects you could use to help tell a dreamy, atmospheric or exciting story through your food photography. For example, you could add an open book or a teacup to create a cozy, warm and relaxed feeling in your image.

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