How To Choose Proper Backdrop Size

How To Choose Proper Backdrop Size

When it comes to ordering photography backdrops, choosing proper sizes also one of the questions that everyone concerns about. Here are some guides to help you order a suitable size.
When choosing a backdrop size, the first thing you should consider is the size of your studio and the size of your subject.

Size of Your Studio

You need to measure the length and width of the area, as well ad the ceiling height.
If you are planning to take full-body portraits, your portrait subjects should be positioned at least away from the backdrop to prevent shadows and ensure enough space for lighting. Also, make sure the backdrop is long enough to extend onto the floor for model to stand and move.
Size of Your Subject
After measuring the size of your studio, then you need to consider the size of your subject and what will you shoot.

Please note: All backdrop sizes are displayed as "width x height"
3ft x 5 ft (approximately 1m x 1.5m): For shooting newborns, pets, or small products. These backdrops can also be used for tight headshots.
5ft x 6.5ft (approximately 1.5m x 2m): For shooting newborns, kids, headshots and 3/4 -length portraits but too short for standard portraits.
5ft x 7ft (approximately 1.5m x 2.2m): Ideal for any average sized individual. This length of backdrop is perfect for headshots and portraits, suitable for single portrait photography.
6.5ft x 6.5ft (approximately 2m x 2m): Same as 5 x 6.5ft & 5 x 7ft can do, but allow some extra room for your subject to move about and more room for photo editing.
8ft x 8 ft (approximately 2.5m x 2.5m): An essential addition to your studio if you plan to take a photo of two people. If you want to take photos for more than 3 people, please choose 10ft and above wide backdrops.
6.5ft x 10 ft (approximately 2m x 3m): Almost good for single full length portraits, long enough to extend onto the floor for model to stand and move, and also suitable for other shooting styles mentioned above.
10 ft x 10 ft (approximately 3m x 3m): This size accommodates most of occasions from portraits of children to portraits of families; good for shooting 2-4 people group photos.
10 ft x 20 ft (approximately 3m x 6m): Do what 10 ft x 10 ft can do, long enough to extend onto the floor.
With a 20ft wide backdrop, you’ll be able to cover just about every style of portraiture and product photography. These backdrops are great if you want to photograph a larger family.
Remember, a larger size backdrop can always photograph what a smaller size can do. If you shoot from a distance, the backdrop size should also be larger.
Dbackdrop provides multiple sizes backdrops. Standard size varies 3ft, 5ft, 6.5ft, 7ft, 8ft, 10ft and 20ft. We also provide any custom size according to your requirements.
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