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Tips for Newborn Photography: How to Take Photos of a Baby

The coming of awaiting beloved baby is one of a really amazing time in our life. Many parents want to record every growth moment of their kids. The newborn photo shoot market is exploding in recent yeas, because everyone wants cute photos of their babies. Taking photos of newborns also tests the photographer’s skill. Here are some tips to help you take perfect newborn shoot.

Safety and Comfort
Most of the time, newborns are sleeping, so choosing a suitable time for shooting is very important. The shooting place should also be comfortable, you can spread some soft blankets, or wrap the newborn with a towel to make them feel warm and comfortable. During the shooting, be sure to be safe, especially when posing for newborns, be gentle and not hurt them. Babies will pose different postures they like and dislike according to their preferences, so please pay attention to follow the steps of the newborn. Keep in mind that many of the popular "poses" you see in newborn photography are composites done in Photoshop, including "frog pose", which means head resting on hands.

Natural Light
It is known that babies’ eye balls are still developing. No parents would be willing to risk flashing lights on their babies! Natural light is definitely the best choice for photographing babies, and the most convenient one is the light by the window. Once you’ve picked a spot with nice light, you’ll need to figure out where to lay your baby down in relation to the window. Pay attention to where the light is coming from, and the direction it hits your baby’s face.

Focus and Shooting Mode
Most of the time, you must pay attention to the eye of the baby near you when focusing. If there is no special need, it is recommended yo use the camera's AV mode. If the baby is facing you, you can widen the aperture to blur the background or produce front bokeh, so that the photo can be completely focused on the beautiful baby. But if the baby is slightly on the side to you, it is best to reduce the aperture by two to three levels depending on the situation, increase the depth of field, so that the other side of the baby's face and eyes are not too blurred. If you take a big group photo, be sure to reduce the aperture to shoot, so that all the subjects can be clear.

Correct Exposure
Exposure is a very important point. Most of the baby's photos want to reveal the feeling of cuteness, innocence and hope, so most of the photos present such an atmosphere in brightly-toned photos. Because of the principle of camera metering, if you choose weighing metering, when the screen is full of white or light-colored objects, the overall exposure will be lower than what the naked eye can see, so exposure compensation (EV) must be added. Add values ranging from +2/3 to +1, and make adjustments after shooting. A slight overexposure or dead white background is not a big problem. The baby's face must have the correct exposure, otherwise the whole photo will be dull. If the camera has a built-in highlight tone priority (D+) function, it is also recommended to turn it on, which can make the details of the highlights better and reduce the generation of dead white.

Use Some Props
Do you feel bored after taking hundreds of pictures of babies? It's better to try some small props. Use brightly colored accessories to match your baby, whether it is a hat or a toy, it can add a lot of color to the photo. If you want to create funny shooting scenes, you can also use the photography backdrops. The backdrop not only makes the baby's photos diverse, but also beautifully decorates the scene. Choose some cute or themed backdrops like Dbackdrop Newborn & Children Backdrop, the photos you take will have a special flavor and more interesting. Nothing makes parents happier than seeing adorable photos of their kids.

Shoot with Family
The coming of the baby is a joy for the whole family. Let the family participate in the photography shoot with parents, shoot with siblings, and record scenes of love. This is a meaningful thing. Take some small details, such as parents holding the baby's feet with their hands, and siblings kissing the baby's forehead. These are all pictures worth recording.

Babies are adorable no matter what, and photographing children is something meaningful. I hope you can capture those precious little features and document these precious early days with your camera.

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