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What Backdrop is Best for Fashion Photography

Fashion photography has become extremely popular in this digital era. So,
if wish to get yourself involved in this business, now is the time to do
so. For a beginner, the first thing to know is what you need to prepare
for fashion photography. In this article, I will talk about backdrops that
needed for studio photography.

Fashion photos can be taken outdoors or indoors. For indoor studio fashion
photography or when you can't find the perfect urban location to shoot at,
the backdrop is an indispensable prop. The choice of backdrop is usually
arranged according to the color of the fashion. The most used and easiest
to match is the solid color backdrop.

Among all the colors, the four colors of gold, silver, black and white are
called "universal colors", also known as "wild colors". These four colors
can be matched with any other colors to get the best visual effect, and
can better bring out the emotion and symbolic meaning expressed by other
colors, but it should be noted that gold and silver should not be used at
the same time, otherwise the effect will be unsatisfactory.

It is common to choose black or white backdrop for fashion photography,
because the colors of black and white are monotonous and pure. When a
model is wearing a fashion dress and standing in front of the background
cloth, black or white can set off and render any color of clothing on the
model and enhance the color of the clothing, perform, attract and infect
the audience.

If the model's clothes color is black or darker, then white backdrop can
produce a strong contrast between light and dark, but highlight the
details of the model's fashion.

If the model's clothes color is lighter and brighter, then the white
backdrop will make the model look fresh, active and radiant.

A black backdrop is perfect when the model's clothes color is white or
other light color tones, then the black backdrop can set off the bright
image of the model very well, and the visual performance of the fashion
will be more eye-catching, which strongly highlights the subject.

Of course, the choice of fashion photography backdrop also depends on the
style of model’s clothes. For example, in retro style, stylish Wood and
Brick printed backdrops can make your grunge fashion portraits stand out.
If you plan to take a series of fashion photos with beautiful dresses,
Bokeh Backdrops and Sequin Fabric Backdrops will be helpful. They can
create glittering scene, so the models are like super stars.

A fashion shoot requires a model, makeup artists, assistants and technical
experts. As long as you do not have a very good work environment, you will
never be able to give your best. Start your fashion photography career
from selecting a prefect backdrop.

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