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What Backdrops are Often Used in Photography Studio

In my previous blogs, I’ve written backdrop basics and best backdrop material. In this article, I will post which backdrops are often used in photography studio.

As Mark C Hughes wrote in his blog How to Choose the Right Photography Backdrop, “When it works, people “oohh” and “aahh”. However, if it doesn’t work, people can’t figure out why they don’t like your image. One of the secrets of any successful photographer is paying attention to what’s behind your subject.”

The following are some commonly used backdrops in a photography studio.

Solid Color Backdrops
Solid color backdrops are must-have for any photography studio, suitable for any type photography from professional portraits to product photography. Single color is not easy to distract attention from the subject. You can choose any color you want. I previously talked about backdrop color in my blog Choose the Right Backdrop Color for Portrait Photography.

Abstract Textured Backdrops
Textured backdrops are extremely popular with portrait photography. Due to the classic look, they work well for every type of photo shoot. Abstract textured backdrops has beautiful colors and feature artistic touch, helpful to highlight the subject.

Theme Backdrops
Theme backdrop backdrops can create specific scenes for shooting. When you take a group of festival theme photos, such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, etc., theme backdrops will work better. In addition, there are birthday, wedding, baby shower, etc. special situations. It is necessary to prepare some theme backdrops, so as to meet the different needs of your clients.

Custom Backdrops
If you can not find the styles you prefer, custom backdrop is an ideal choice. You can design your own style, and let designers create an unique backdrop for you. Dbackdrop sells custom backdrops to satisfy different needs of customers.

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 Mark C Hughes

a photographer, writer, educator, and engineer that specializes in both portraits of people and pets but also creates stunning landscape and nature photography. He’s an accredited professional photographer (PPOC) and has won awards, including one from National Geographic.

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