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3 Easy Steps to Help You Smile Naturally in Photos

Smiling naturally in pictures makes you look more photogenic. It sounds very simple, but when you in front of the camera, you’ll see how difficult it is to make your smile look natural. How to smile naturally in front of a camera? Just follow these steps.

Bonnie RzM shares 3 basic tips that will help you smile unforced in photos. And of course, they’re also helpful for photographers to guide the model to smile when taking portraits.

1. Put Your Tongue Behind Your Teeth
This is one of the oldest tricks in the book at every celebrity on the red carpet use it. And this keeps you the exact sizes and smiles that you should be using. Put your to the roof of your mouth, behind your teeth when you are smiling for a photo. Your expression will look more relaxed and less forced. This pose also gives your face a more slimming effect as it helps tighten the chin.

2. Smile with Your Eyes
People are often not really comfortable in front of the camera. When they smile, they open their eyes inadvertently, which seems terrified. So the first thing that you need to do is completely relaxed and be aware of your eyes as well. As Suzi Pratt wrote in 20 Tips for Getting People to Smile in Photos, “How do you know if a smile is genuine or fake? It’s all in the eyes. A fake smile tends to only have the lower half of the face engaged, with the lips curled into a smile. But if the eyes aren’t squinting as well, you can tell the smile is forced and not very genuine.”

3. Practice and Do Your Research
Practice will make you master these tips. Smile in the mirror every day, and when you find the smile that looks most natural, take note of how it feels on your face. All the information you probably need to know it's on your camera roll, see other photos that you have taken to know which angle you like better, and what kind of smile you feel more comfortable ,then try to repeat this scene over and over again.

Try these techniques and see how they go to help you smile naturally and beautifully in photos.

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 Suzi Pratt

is an internationally published Seattle event and food photographer. Her photos appear regularly in Eater and Getty Images. When she’s not taking photos, she’s making travel photography and camera gear videos for her YouTube channel.

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