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Creative Birthday Backdrops for Photography & Decoration

No matter what your party theme is, a birthday backdrop is the icing on the cake. It is not only a perfect background for photo shooting, but also a beautiful decoration. The following are five backdrops that are the prettiest, easiest to decorate, and all perfect for your birthday party.

1. Colorful Balloon Wall Backdrop
Balloons are essential for birthday parties. This can easily be done by simply blowing up a few of colourful balloons and hanging them with other party décor. If you think it’s too troublesome to prepare the balloons, then why not use our Colorful Balloon Backdrop? With a mixture of bright coloured balloon and bokeh effect all in one, this backdrop allows you to easily create a colorful balloon background wall for the birthday party.

2. Adorable Cake Party Backdrop
Speaking of birthdays, the first thing people think of is cake. A Cake Party Backdrop is a great way to decorate your birthday. The great thing about planning a cake backdrop is that it can can set off with real cake. Especially when many people want to take photos with the cake, the cake backdrop provides another choice. With bright colors and realistic design, this backdrop is ideal for party photo shooting. And there is no need to worry about accidents like getting dirty clothes when rushing to take photos with the real cake.

3. Unicorn Pink Curtain Backdrop
Another idea to decorate your birthday is a Unicorn Pink Curtain Backdrop, which requires minimum effort but achieves maximum impact. Our cartoon unicorn pink curtain backdrop looks so beautiful and will make your party more gorgeous. The main color of pink adds a bit of romance. With various sizes to choose from, all you need to do is pick one and hang it on the wall, let it shine away on your birthday party!

4. Creative Letter & Number Balloons
If you think ordinary balloons are not creative enough, then why not try letter or number balloons to make your birthday more unique? Don’t bother to blow up the balloon, here is an ideal backdrop that can meet your needs. This Creative Shaped Balloons Backdrop is made from muslin fabric, soft and durable. With the use of the latest printing technology, it features realistic printed images. It’s never been easier to hold a creative and unique birthday party.

5. Beautiful Pinwheel Backdrop
If you still don’t know how to decorate your birthday party, then you will love this backdrop. With printed pinwheels, balloons and tassels patterns on it, this backdrop combines a variety of party elements, very suitable for birthday photography background and decoration. If you want to add a little something extra, hang a few adornments either side of the backdrop to match your theme.

These backdrops are not expensive, easy to set up, will add touches to your birthday party. Hope you’re feeling inspired to create your own unique birthday party.

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