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How to Use Photography Backdrops to Make Portraits

Photographers are always looking for techniques to make fine portrait photos How to shoot beautiful portraits? What do you most need for perfect portrait shooting? If you want to take an artistic portrait, sometimes the only thing you lack is an Abstract Textured Backdrop.

Regarding the backdrops, Leo chose a 6.5x6.5ft Dbackdrop Grey Abstract Textured Photography Backdrop and a 8x8ft Dbackdrop Abstract Stucco Wall Texture Backdrop, which are completely well qualified for the portrait shooting.

In today's video, Leo will show you how to use photography backdrops to make fine portraits. To answer this, Leo will show you:
Step 1: Why Choose An Abstract Textured Backdrop?
Step 2: How to Use Photography Backdrops to Make Portraits?
Step 3: How the Backdrop Levels Up Your Portrait?

Why Choose An Abstract Textured Backdrop
This backdrop is made from muslin fabric, rustic and soft. It can be folded to store, not easy to wrinkle. Even if there is a little wrinkle, it can be easily ironed off. All the backdrops are inexpensive. The backdrop in the video is less than $100. There are various sizes for you to choose from. And Dbackdrop can provide a customized backdrop just for you. It's very easy to hang this backdrop. You can use a backdrop stand to set it up, and then fix it with clamps.

How to Use Photography Backdrops to Make Portraits
In this video, Leo uses a Sony A6400 camera, 50mm F/1.8 lens, and some lighting equipment. Since this backdrop is a little rustic and retro, it is perfect for shooting artistic portraits. Give the model some poses guide, shoot from different angles, and adjust the light angle. This backdrop is pretty for this style photo shooting.

How the Backdrop Levels Up Your Portrait
Although this backdrop is printed, it has a very nice mega texture, very pretty for this style photo. The backdrops makes a lot of contrast with the model’s black hair and black clothes, highlighting the subject. Due to the light, the shadow of the model is easy to appear during shooting, and the backdrop can send the light back which helps a lot for post-production.

With Leo’s particular portrait photography techniques, you can see, an Abstract Textured Backdrop is really helpful to make fine portraits!

Backdrops used:

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Hope you can enjoy this video and like this article, and get some inspirations to make awesome portrait photography.

 Leo Baquero

a professional photographer and videographer based in Colombia. His portrait photography focuses on the look of people, highlighting the beauty of human, having an artistic sense. He also teaches photography at a local college and manage a YouTube channel about photography. You can learn more about him in YouTube Channel.

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